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The HRE electric range is lightweight, simple to use with whisper quiet operation. Just plug in and go for easy, low maintenance mowing.

Honda Electric HRE Lawnmowers.

Electric, Light and easy to handle.

The HRE electric range is lightweight, simple to use with whisper-quiet operation. Just plugin and go for easy, low maintenance mowing. Each model has an easy to operate, five-position cutter deck height adjustment control. So you can achieve a perfect cut every time, by selecting the ideal height to suit your grass

Honda HRE lawnmower - Easy To Adjust

It has a central five-position deck height adjustment for a perfect cut, no matter how long the grass. Use the conveniently positioned lever to select your height from one to five.

Honda Electric Lawnmowers - Made to handle

Strong handles fold into position – just spin and hand-tighten the bolt attachments at the side. When you want to put the mower away, just spin them loose and fold the handle down.

Honda Electric Lawnmowers - Easy to Lift

Built into the top cover is a well-positioned handle that makes it easy to carry and lift the whole unit over uneven ground – quickly, safely and easily.

Honda HRE Lawnmower models - Made to Bend

This may sound strange, but the blade on an HRE mower is designed to bend – and for good reason: If it hits something hard, it will not shatter or break, which prevents further damage to the unit and also increases the levels of safety.

Honda Electric Lawnmowers - Made to Last

The electric motor is housed in a tough cutter deck. Resistant to shocks, abrasion, fuel, UV rays and weather deterioration it will not only perform better but it will look better for longer too.

Honda HRe Lawnmower moemptydels - Easy to

The high-airflow grass bag is very light; it’s been designed this way so as to allow maximum airflow with a fine mesh to collect any dust. It’s easy to detach and re-attach once you have emptied all the grass cuttings.

What are you looking for?

A simple to use electric push-type mower.

There are three to choose from, all with powerful electric motors and Honda’s unique Optiflow™ system. They’re light, easy to use and are available in different diameter blade sizes to suit smaller lawns.

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