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Introducing the latest addition to the Miimo family: Small Miimo is an intelligent robotic mower that’s perfect for mowing smaller lawns. Big on cutting performance, it’s easy to set up with many new features.


The simplest way to a lovely-looking lawn.

An easy 4-step setup process will map your garden’s layout, calculating its size creating a mowing calendar that fits around you. Small Miimo will return to base in time to recharge itself, then resume cutting from where it left off.

Honda Robotic Lawnmowers - Miimo & Amazon Alexa

With Amazon Alexa, Small Miimo can take instructions from you verbally and notify you of its current status and next mowing schedule, making it easier to achieve that perfectly cut lawn.

Smart Timer

With the Smart Timer Small Miimo can choose the best times to mow, based on real-time weather information, so it won’t try to mow your lawn during heavy rain. It also knows when your grass is growing rapidly during a warm spell and will automatically start mowing.

Mii monitor 40 app

Our smartphone app makes mowing easy via a simple and intuitive interface. You can review and control Small Miimo’s cutting schedule and make any adjustments from wherever you are.

Weather Proof

Small Miimo is IPX4 weatherproof and can tackle most wet weather conditions without any problems.

Logical cutting pattern

Small Miimo systematically mows your lawn in 5-metre stripes, cutting efficiently and heading directly to the docking station when it’s finished cutting.

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Just leave lawncare to Miimo.

Our range of robotic lawnmowers are completely autonomous and can cut from 400m2 up to 4,000m2 lawns without any assistance. Miimo combines innovative and intelligent technologies to take away the effort of maintaining a healthy, perfectly manicured lawn all year round.

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