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Honda HHB36 Cordless Blower


This cordless blower has many fantastic features including being fitted with an EC Brushless Motor and is fully weatherproof. Fully variable speed settings allow you to stay in complete control whilst the nose-down balance and soft grip zone allows for optimum handling.

Product Overview:

  • Run time with 4Ah battery: 12 mins
  • Run time with a 6Ah battery: 18 mins
  • Run time with a 9Ah battery: 27 mins
*Indicative figures only. Varies depending on conditions

Product Information

Honda HHB36 AXB Cordless Blower

It's A Breeze

The Honda HHB36 AXB Blower is engineered for comfort and convenience. The battery comes with a waist belt to minimise blower weight, and both round and square-shaped airs nozzles are included, giving broad or directed air streams.

Engineering For Life

It has never been easier to enjoy the peace and quiet of the garden. With its powerful battery and efficient and robust brushless electric motor Honda's cordless leaf blower gives quiet running even at full power.

Thermo-Smart Batteries

These robust lithium-ion batteries come in three sizes: 4Ah, 6Ah and 9Ah and use ground-breaking thermo-smart technology to continuously monitor the voltage and thermal performance of every cell. This ensures the longest-possible running time without compromising performance.

Power For Professionals

Honda's new 9Ah battery delivers long-lasting power to suit hard-working professionals. Designed and certified to withstand all weathers, this battery is IP56 rated and provides you with a longer running time. It also has an LCD display to indicate the battery power level.

Balancing Act

Long-lasting power in a perfectly balanced package. Honda’s engineers carefully considered the ergonomics of the new cordless leaf blower, creating a package that feels perfectly balanced in operation. To achieve this, the weight was distributed to give the blower a naturally nose-down stance, which keeps it comfortable for optimum handling. It means even the greatest workload during winter months will be a breeze.

Feel Free

A belt and braces approach. Honda believes in challenging convention. So, when  their engineers set about creating a cordless blower, they knew that one of the most important considerations was the location of the battery pack.  Instead of attaching it to the leaf blower, they came up with an inno­vative solution: a battery belt. This clever idea helps create a light and easily controlled blower unit.

It even allows for left- or right-handed operation of the leaf blower, via its soft-touch, high-grip handle, thanks to battery attachment points at either side of the belt. You might say it’s a belt and braces approach.


Weatherproof IPX4
Normal air flow (m3/h) 860
Maximum speed (m/s) 66
Noise value - sound power level dB (A) 100
Dry weight (kg) 2.7
Additional feature Battery belt

Unrivalled Warranty 

Honda's products are built better to last longer. That’s why you are offered a rock-solid warranty for domestic and professional use on Honda's core range products, covering both parts and labour. The warranty also maintains the same value throughout the warranty period – meaning the last day of cover is exactly the same as the first.

*Subject to domestic use and following the service schedule

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