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DA Forgie Announces Partnership with Ammann for Northern Ireland

DAForgie Delighted to Announce Partnership as Ammann Dealer for Northern Ireland


In an exciting development for construction and infrastructure enthusiasts in Northern Ireland, DA Forgie proudly announces its partnership as an official dealer for Ammann, a renowned name in construction machinery. This strategic collaboration opens doors to a comprehensive range of Ammann products, including vibratory plates, trench rollers, and soil rollers, reinforcing DAForgie’s commitment to delivering top-notch equipment and services to its customers.

The Ammann Advantage:

DAForgie is thrilled to align itself with Ammann, a globally recognised leader in construction machinery with a legacy dating back over 150 years. Ammann is synonymous with innovation, reliability, and durability, making it the go-to choice for professionals in the construction industry.

Product Range:

As part of this dealership agreement, DAForgie is now offering the complete range of Ammann products tailored to meet the diverse needs of construction projects in Northern Ireland. This includes:

  1. Vibratory Plates: Ammann vibratory plates are designed for optimal compaction performance in various applications. Whether it’s road construction, landscaping, or groundwork, these plates deliver efficiency and precision.
  2. Trench Rollers: Trench rollers play a crucial role in achieving uniform compaction in narrow spaces. Ammann’s trench rollers are known for their compact design, powerful performance, and ease of operation, making them indispensable for projects with limited access.
  3. Soil Rollers: Ammann’s soil rollers are engineered to provide superior compaction results in soil and asphalt applications. With advanced features and a user-friendly interface, these rollers contribute to the success of any compaction task.

DA Forgie’s Commitment to Excellence:

DA Forgie has built its reputation on a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. With the inclusion of Ammann products in their offerings, they are poised to elevate construction projects across Northern Ireland. The partnership is not merely about selling equipment; it’s about providing solutions and support to ensure the success of every construction project.

Customer-Centric Approach:

At DAForgie, the focus goes beyond the sale of machinery. The team is dedicated to understanding the unique requirements of each customer and offering personalised solutions. From product selection to after-sales support and maintenance, DA Forgie is determined to be a reliable partner throughout the entire lifecycle of the equipment.

The collaboration between DAForgie and Ammann marks a significant milestone in the construction industry in Northern Ireland. The availability of Ammann’s cutting-edge vibratory plates, trench rollers, and soil rollers through DAForgie ensures that construction professionals have access to top-tier equipment for their projects. This partnership is not only a testament to the strength of these two industry leaders but also a promise of enhanced capabilities and efficiency for construction projects in the region. As DA Forgie embarks on this exciting journey as an Ammann dealer, the construction landscape in Northern Ireland can look forward to a new era of excellence and innovation.

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