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HP 500 b – Max 500kg load, 650mm wide with adjustable bed, hydrostatic drive and top forward speed of 4.3km/h.

True savers of time and labour.
Our Power carriers take the backache out of shifting heavy materials. Helping reduce work-related injuries, they take a load off your mind too.


Price -£5,256.00


NEXT-GEN WORKHORSE Our Power carriers are strong and reliable. Just feed them petrol. For use by construction workers, farmers and emergency services, our Power carriers are suited for a whole range of jobs where heavy materials need shifting. They’re fitted with our renowned 4-stroke engine, making them tough and efficient. They’ll get the job done.
WHEN THINGS GET ROCKY Working across unstable or steep terrain, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without one. Their unique pattern gives the tracks brilliant stability and traction. Equipped with our professional grade GX/V160 engine, our Power carriers provide smooth power and high torque with loads of up to 500kg – you’d have to make lots of tiresome trips by hand to shift the same amount. They can even handle inclines and declines of up to 15º.
SPEED CONTROL With a Hydrostatic drive, our Power carriers won’t run away from you. Independently controlled by a lever on each handle, the tracks won’t operate without you. Exclusive to our HP 500 Power carrier is our Hydrostatic drive innovation. It’s operated by an easy to use lever; with its smooth, variable speed control, you can take the work at your own pace.
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