Honda Miimo HRM 3000 Robotic Mower

All of our Robotic lawnmower range are incredibly intuitive but if you choose HRM 3000, you will be able to access even more fantastic features. Site survey is normally required prior to purchase. Click the link below to enquire now.

Product Information

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Our range of clever robotic lawnmowers are completely autonomous and can look after your lawn without any assistance by following the layout of your garden which works off a perimeter boundary wire held in place by wire pegs. It uses a unique digital signal to guide itself round your garden, avoiding any possible interference from electronic devices nearby. Rapid Reaction Bump and Lift Sensors: Miimo can sense contact, stopping the moment it touches an object or pet, turning and continuing in a different direction. It can also detect lifting or tilting, stopping the blades for absolute safety. Automatic Charging System: Miimo works for as long as you want. When needed, it heads off to recharge itself then gets straight back to work. Micro Mulching: Miimo cuts grass clippings into minute particles so they drop down through the grass and act as a fertiliser. No more walking grass through the house. Zone Management: Zone management allows you to control when and where Miimo mows, to ensure complete coverage of your lawn, even in hard to reach areas. Flexible Docking: Flexible docking allows you to position the docking station in a variety of positions in your garden, including corners, narrow passages or on your patio. Advanced Waterproof: Although all Miimo Models are weatherproof, the HRM 3000 can even be washed with a hosepipe. Smartphone App: A simple and intuitive interface that allows you to change Miimo’s set up via Bluetooth with your smartphone (“Mii-Monitor” – Compatible with Android and iOS [8.1 or later]) Electric Cutting Height Adjuster: The cutting height can be adjusted electronically, directly from the smartphone app. Miimo cuts your lawn so you don’t have to: It runs off a Lithium-ion battery (22.2V/5.4Ah), which offers a quiet, reliable and long lasting source of power, which is also very cost efficient to run, and emits zero emissions. By having a slightly bigger battery than the HRM 520 model, it has a working capacity of 170 m2/h and offers 90 minutes of mowing time per charge. *Professional Fitting Available* DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

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