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WH 20 – Cast iron pump pushes 500 litres per minute, debris up to 3mm, and a total head of 50m.

Specially designed to force out a large flow rate and high levels of pressure, our High pressure water pumps are perfect for pushing water a long way.


Price -£978.00


HIGH PRESSURE PERFORMANCE IN A COMPACT SIZE The portable WH range is capable of generating impressive pressure – up to 5 bar – making them ideal for transporting high quantities of water over long distances. DEFYING GRAVITY With their unrivalled pressure, they can certainly push water uphill. Our powerful High pressure pumps push out huge amounts of pressure – perfect for when you need to move water far and high. They’re ideal for long-hose irrigation or dust suppression; their high level of pressure is even suited to local fire fighting. You can count on a Honda in the face of emergency. CAREFULLY DESIGNED FOR DIRTY JOBS Built to stand the test of hard work – time and time again. Designed with an abrasion-resistant cast iron volute and impeller, our High pressure pumps can move up to 500 litres a minute. Mixed with their advanced pressure and total head performance, these pumps provide an impressive package.
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