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Kubota R090 Front Loader


The Stage V R090 is a real powerhouse, with the capacity to handle heavy loads easily, using either a choice of standard or extra-width buckets or a pallet fork attachment.


Kubota’s V2607, Stage V-compliant direct-injection engine deliver up to 64.3 PS and 47.3 kW of power to make tough handling jobs easier.


The R090’s hydraulic piping is routed so that visibility of the toe is as unimpeded as possible during pallet fork operations. The lift arm is also designed to enable the operator to easily see the hydraulic quick-coupler pins.


Whether you use the bucket or pallet fork attachments, the long reach, excellent lifting power and high clearance ensure maximum materials handling efficiency.


In bucket mode, the R090 has a lifting force of up to 2160 kgf and a tipping load capacity of up to 3440kg (full turn), making it highly capable for a wide range of materials handling tasks.


The spacious air-conditioned cab is full glazed all around for panoramic visibility with simple easy to use controls.

Product Information


Model Machine Weight (kg) Max width (mm) Engine output (kw)
With Bucket 4945 1820 47.3
With Pallet Fork 4945 1820 47.3


  • The Kubota R090 front loader is powered by Kubota’s V2607 direct-injection engine, delivering 64.3 PS (47.3kW) of power.
  • The Stage V-compliant engine meets all current engine emission regulations.
  • The machine’s main service areas and routine maintenance items can be easily accessed.
  • The fuel refill (right side) and battery (left side) are accessed via quick-open panels.
  • Extended service intervals for both the regeneration filter and ash cleaner mean reduced maintenance.


  • Kubota’s arm tilt/parallel movement structure keeps the load upright and steady.
  • A strong lifting force enables smooth and safe lifting and re-handling of heavy materials.


  • Options include standard or wide versions of a general purpose or 4-in-1 bucket, or a pallet fork attachment.


  • All major loader functions are operated via a single lever that can be operated with just one hand.
  • A 2-step speed control switch enables you to change speeds quickly.
  • The differential lock switch immediately engages both front and rear wheels for positive traction in slippery conditions.
  • The maximum lifting height is 4.1m, or 3.03m with the pallet fork attachment.


  • Spacious, fully enclosed glass cabin for all-round visibility and operator comfort.
  • The window on the right side of the cabin opens fully to improve ventilation as well as communication with workers outside.
  • A bright and easy-to-read digital instrument panel tells you at a glance everything you need to know about the machine’s functions and conditions. A full set of diagnostic indicators automatically monitor critical machine conditions, letting you concentrate on the job at hand.
  • Generous leg room.
  • A full-size, full-suspension adjustable padded seat can be moved forward or back for optimum positioning.
  • Adjustable right wrist rest to reduce fatigue by minimising arm movement while using the single, multi-function control lever.


  • Bright LED work lights for low visibility or night time working conditions.
  • Kubota Anti-theft System fitted as standard. Only programmed keys will enable the engine to start. Attempting to start with an unprogrammed key will activate the alarm. An alert reminds the operator to remove the key after operation. An LED warns potential thieves that the system is activated.

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