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Kverneland DF-1 Seed Drill

Maximum Flexibility and Balance

Product Information

Models Available: - DF-1 rigid - DF-1 fold The modular structure of the Kverneland DF-1 ensures even weight distribution across the machine arrangement, giving the tractor maximum balance. This improves both safety and manoeuvrability, whilst at the same time giving the driver an unrestricted view over the entire machine set-up. The Kverneland DF-1 are more flexible than conventional seed drills. They can be used for both conventional and precision sowing. For precision sowing the front hopper is fitted with special metering devices and the appropriate distribution head for row fertilising. The DF-1 hopper is fitted with mechanical drive and central metering device as standard. As an option, the DF-1 hopper can be equipped with the electric-driven metering device ELDOS. The Advantages:
  • Balanced weight distribution
  • Improved safety and manoeuvrability
  • Unrestricted rear view
  • To be used for row fertilizing in combination with a precision seed drill

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