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Merlo MF40.9 CS

Merlo was the first company on the market to translate the concept of a telescopic boom tractor into reality and to patent it: the Multifarmer. It is a real cross over, which combines the characteristics of a traditional agricultural telescopic handler with those of a tractor, producing truly exciting results. The Multifarmer models represent the revolutionary Merlo solution for performing all farm work, handling, lifting, transporting loads and operating attachments with a high level of performance for operations typically carried out by traditional tractors (towing and tillage).

Product Information

The MF40.9 has a lift capacity of 4 tonnes lifted up to 8.8 meters. This range is equipped with 4.5l Deutz engine which develops 170hp/125kW, coupled with hydrostatic transmission and Eco Power Drive (EPD) that automatically control and adjust the engine revolutions based on operating conditions. As a result, the engine speed is disconnected from the accelerator pedal. This technology achieves a reduction in fuel consumption of 18%. This model is equipped as standard with Continuously Variable Transmission (CVTronic) which ensures a smooth and progressive acceleration 0-40km/h, without interruption for a gear change: this provides higher starting torque at low speeds, lower consumption and greater efficiency at high speeds. The CS model comes with standard Cab Suspension: the exclusive patented and dampened CS with active hydropneumatic suspension, can be switched off directly by the operator. The low frequency system allows the drastic reduction of vibrations inside the passenger compartment and facilitates the absorption of the stress and vibrations transmitted during the transfer and work phases, even on rough grounds. Merlo is the only one on the market providing such an innovative and effective feature.   DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

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