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Merlo P40.13

The P40.13 stands out for the new high-comfort cab, for the completely renewed axles, for the use of technology that increases safety standards and an unparalleled level of performance and efficiency. This model has been developed to meet the needs of every construction site, rental company and large construction company, ensuring record performance and economy efficiency.
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Product Information

Models Available: - P40.13 - P40.13 PLUS The new high-visibility cab, the four wheel-drive, the high ground clearance and the 55kW-75Hp Deutz engine guarantee excellent results in terms of performance, comfort and safety. The P40.13 has a lift capacity of 4000KG and a maximum height of 12.5m. The whole range is equipped with hydrostatic transmission which guarantees maximum precision at your fingertips. The Tilt Correction system, integrated into the chassis as standard on this model, can correct the lateral inclination by 8% on each side, reaching 24% with the combine action of the stabilisers. The exclusive Boom Side Shift allows the load to be positioned without further manoeuvring, saving time and improving machine’s productivity: the system allows for a boom side-shift up to 680 mm. The ENTRY model is equipped with the exclusive Merlo Dynamic Load Control (CDC) light safety system. The system checks the safety parameters of the telescopic handler in real time and allows the operator to work in total safety, making the most of the telehandler’s potential and the attachment used. The standard cab gives easy access, astounding space with great visibility: generous in dimensions, the cab is mounted on Silent Block, which drastically reduce vibrations, guaranteeing maximum comfort and visibility. The 40.13 comes with standard Towing Hook and Roof Wiper.   DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

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