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Choosing The Correct Honda Lawn Mower To Suit Your Gardening Needs

Whether your lawn is large, small, or somewhere in between, when it comes to purchasing the right lawnmower, it can be a very daunting task. From electric to battery, and petrol to ride-on, how are you supposed to know which is the perfect Honda lawnmower for you and your garden? 

Continue reading to find the best lawnmower for you!

1. Mower for small gardens:

If you have a smaller garden, Honda’s range of HRE electric lawnmowers would suit you perfectly! Light and easy to manoeuvre, these mowers have a carrying handle allowing them to be easily moved from one end of the garden to the other, and the main handle can be folded to allow easy storage.

Found on the main handle, these mowers operate a magnetic blade break clutch system, allowing the user to easily start and stop the cutting blades. And for additional safety purposes, the cable is integrated into a loop system within the mower. 

Models available:  – HRE 330 – HRE 370

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2.     User-friendly mower

If you want a mower that is easy to use, Honda’s new range of cordless lawnmowers – the izy-ON – is perfect! They are light weight, promoting easy user usage (even in narrow spaces). Its single-speed transmission means that cutting power is maintained, but at a comfortable walking speed for the user

This mower is built with the user in mind. It has been built to avoid clogging, which in turn reduces maintenance. It also has maximum grass pickup, thanks to the high air-flow collection bag. 

It is adaptable to any user need, as it has a flexible cutter height adjustment, as well as Honda’s Versamow selective mulching.

And every gardener’s dream – it is weatherproof – you don’t have to stop if it starts raining, you can continue in complete safety!

Models available: – HRG 416 XB – HRG 466 XB

3. Mower for medium gardens

Perfect for smaller to medium sized gardens, Honda’s lightweight and robust izy mowers have GCVx engines, meaning they are quiet and very efficient. No matter what type of weather, these engines are very easy to start – thanks to the new auto-choke system – and are also more resilient to lower quality fuels.

As these mowers are light weight, they are also easy to manoeuvre. They have been modified to ensure easy maintenance – by making the oil drain, spark plug and air filter easier to access. This range of mowers have maximum grass pickup, thanks to their high airflow collection bags.

Depending on your own personal preference, the range offers push-type, single speed, or SMART Drive self-propelled machines.

Models available: – HRG 416 PKEH – HRG 416 SKEH – HRG 466 PKEH – HRG 466 SKEH – HRG 466 SKEP – HRG 536 SKEH – HRG 536 VKEH – HRG 536 VLEH – HRG 536 VYEH

4. Mower for large gardens

Honda’s range of HF lawn tractors are perfect for larger gardens. They are innovative, robust, and most importantly, enjoyable to use.

Honda really thought of everything when designing this range of mowers. They feature a high back seat, foldable armrests, LCD dashboard display, mobile phone holder, and a USB socket – you will be guaranteed comfort and relaxation, no matter what size of garden you’ll be mowing!

Their Speed Hold System is like no other. All you need to do is choose one of the four speed options, and let the mower do the rest – you don’t even need to keep your foot on the pedal!

They have a huge 350 litre capacity grass box(!), and even comes with electric emptying, it can’t get any easier than this!

One thing you don’t have to worry about with these mowers is lawn damage. The tyres fitted feature lawn protecting tread, meaning your lawn won’t be damaged, and you will have great traction too!

Models available: – HF 2317 HME – HF 2417 HBE – HF 2417 HME – HF 2417 HTE – HF 2625 HME – HF 2625 HTE

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