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The Grin HM53A mulching mower with internal combustion engine and traction is designed for large spaces. Built on the proven Grin chassis, it is equipped with the powerful and reliable Briggs & Stratton 675 series, 163 cc engine with READY START for an easy start up. The traction in oil bath, in aluminum casing, is reliable and powerful. The innovative Grin design of the traction, mounted on GRIN suspended axles, enables to increase shock resistance and durability. The 53 cm mowing deck allows you to mow lawns larger than 1200 m². Compared to the smaller model, with 46 cm mowing deck, it is best suited for wide open spaces, where a larger mowing width helps to save time for maintenance. The chassis of this machine is very solid and durable. In case of particularly rocky or uneven terrain, it can be equipped with the optional engine protection cone.

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