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WMP 20 – Chemical resistant pump pushes 833 litres per minute, debris up to 5mm, and a total head of 31m.

Harsh, agricultural fertiliser or industrial waste – our Chemical pump doesn’t mind either. It can deal with debris too.

Price -£1,182.00


BUILT TO LAST Our chemical pump’s housing, volute and impeller are all made of reinforced thermoplastic which gives top-class resistance to chemicals and abrasive materials – ensuring a long working life. DEADLY LIQUIDS The ultimate pump for professionals shifting volatile chemicals. Taking on the most demanding jobs, our specially designed Chemical pumps have been built to withstand material others just can’t handle. Sulfates, nitrates and chlorides are no problem – as well as pretty much any other corrosive compound. They’re ideal for commercial and agricultural use.
IMPERVIOUS Many salts and acids erode metal. That’s why our Chemical pump has parts made of thermoplastic. The EPDM seal (A), special thermoplastic impeller (B), and volute (C), deal with chemicals – no problem. Our Chemical pump’s housing, volute and impeller are made of reinforced thermoplastic – it gives top-notch chemical resistance. The seals are made of EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer), which is a specialist rubber material that’s resistant to a wide range of chemicals.
SHIFTING SERIOUS WATER Our chemical pump can also handle water with solids up to 5mm in diameter – there’s even a strainer to ensure nothing bigger gets through. It’s capable of moving a large amount of it, too – up to 833 litres per minute. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

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