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Kubota DM1000 Disc Mowers

Compact side mounted disc mowers. The DM1000 series is based upon the Kubota cutterbar, which is designed for low maintenance and quiet operation.
The Advantages:
  • Kubota Cutterbar
  • BreakAway Without Reset
  • Compact Build for Smaller Tractors
  • Vertical Transport Position

Product Information


These Kubota DM1000 disc mowers are designed for smaller mowing operations. With working widths ranging from 1.65 to 2.40m and with corresponding weights of 390, 430 and 450kgs respectively, these machines are perfect for farmers looking for a compact mower with low power requirements.
Productivity in a simple package
The new Kubota DM1000 series features a new heavy duty Kubota cutterbar, which is designed for low maintenance and quiet operation. The fully welded cutterbar with overlapping C-channels has a rigid and sturdy construction, ensuring a very high level of durability. The Kubota cutterbar has a high oil capacity, ensuring a low working temperature. The long curved gear wheels run smoothly in oil and provide optimal power transmission with little slack.
Spring loaded BreakAway
When an obstacle is encountered, the mower swings backwards to protect the cutterbar. By reversing the mower is reset into working position.
Fast lifting on headland
The mower is easily lifted via a hydraulic cylinder without activating the tractor’s 3pt linkage. The advantage is less wear on tractor and machine, as the PTO stays in the same position, minimizing vibrations in the transmission.
Transport solution
When in transport, the mowers are folded to a vertical position well behind the tractor. The center of gravity is close to the tractor, which ensures excellent weight distribution and transport stability.
Technical specifications
Working Width Weight Power Req.
DM1017 1.65m 390kg 26/36 kW/hp
DM1022 2.15m 430kg 31/42 kW/hp
DM1024 2.40m 450kg 34/46 KW/hp
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