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Kverneland 3400 S Reversible Plough

High output and low maintenance costs 
The best crops need the best soil preparation. Ploughing is for the majority of farmers one of the most efficient methods to control weeds, create humus and prepare soil for seeding efficiently. Keeping an eye on the bottom line is equally important. The burial of residues must be perfect and easy to achieve while cost must be minimized: low fuel consumption, low wearing of parts, low lifting capacities, low pull requirements. Comfort in transport and in operations is a must in modern farming. The plough must be robust and lasts long as any profitable investments.

Product Information


Kverneland 3400 S Reversible Plough: Designed for In-Furrow and On-Land operations. Comfortable with lower lift requirements than other brands.
The headstock on this Kverneland 3400 S reversible plough  provides the necessary strength for a smooth reversing. Kverneland unique steel technology!

In its on-land configuration the plough’s massive offset (up to 3,85 m) allows the tractor to be positioned exactly to the drivers’ requirements.

  • Easy swap from In-furrow to On-land operations. The driver has fingertip control
  • Smooth turnover action thanks to an efficient parallel linkage system which hydraulically moves the plough into a balanced position
  • Ideal for tractors having dual wheels or rubber track
  • Unrivalled Kverneland Auto-reset system for high quality ploughing in tough conditions. No maintenance. Quick adjustment of releasing forces: unscrew 2 bolts
  • Kverneland steels and heat treatments for the complete plough ensure trouble free working conditions and the highest second hand market value
  • Robust frame 120 x 200 mm induction heat treated for the toughest conditions. No welding.
  • Variomat, Vari-Width® system for easy On the Move working width (Kverneland 3400 S Variomat). Optimise soil conditions, output and tractor fuel consumption. Easy manual adjustments in steps of 5cm (2") (Kverneland 3400 S)
  • Automatic pulling line adjustment (Auto-line) for high performance ploughing and low wear of parts
  • Optional automatic front furrow adjustment. Mechanical front furrow adjustment is standard
  • Unique memory system that maintain desired furrow width settings after the reversing cycle
  • Safe transport: Kverneland Trailer Transport Solution (optional)
  • Aero-profile legs for best soil flow performance
  • Quick central adjustments of skimmers for the perfect ploughing
  • Efficient: re-consolidate in one pass. Packer arm compatible
  • Wide range of accessories
Technical Specifications:
Model Interbody clearance cm Head stock Type of beam Working width cm Under beam clearance cm No of furrows
3400 S 85 No 300 Auto-reset 30 - 50 80 5 - 7
3400 S 100 No 300 Auto-reset 35 - 55 80 5 - 6
3400 S Variomat 85 No 300 Auto-reset 30 - 50 80 5 - 7
3400 S Variomat 100 No 300 Auto-reset 35 - 55 80 5 - 6
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