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Kverneland E-Drill Maxi Plus Seed Drill

The combined grain and fertilizer version

Product Information

The e-drill maxi plus is the combined grain and fertilizer model of the power harrow mounted seed drill. It is, thus, especially adapted to the needs of the European markets where a growing proportion of cereal is sown in spring and the application of fertilizer and seeds in one step or the sowing of a mixture of different seeds is requested. In order to balance the shorter vegetation phase, the phosphoric fertiliser application supports the initial germination and development of the plants in the most efficient way. In trials of spring sown crops, yields have shown increases up to 25% compared to crops where the fertiliser has been applied by other methods. Advantages:
  • Close centre of gravity for reduced lifting power requirement
  • Easily accessible metering device ELDOS
  • Increased flexibility
  • Stronger crops by supported initial germination

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