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Kverneland Enduro/Enduro Pro Cultivator

Powerful and efficient performance – that is what the Enduro/Enduro Pro offers. The machine can operate at high forward speeds whilst maintaining a consistent working depth.

Product Information

Enduro Models Available: - Enduro 3000 - Enduro 3500 - Enduro 4000F - Enduro 4500F - Enduro 5000F Enduro Pro Models Available: - Enduro Pro 3000 - Enduro Pro 3500 - Enduro Pro 4000F - Enduro Pro 4500F - Enduro Pro 5000F For today’s modern farms, the demands for cultivation have changed. Tight time slots have to be balanced with higher machine performance. Restricted crop rotations call for an adaption in technology that accomplishes all requirements of modern crop cultivation. Kverneland proposes different configurations depending on the conditions of use: The Enduro/Enduro Pro with a well-organised tine arrangement over 3 rows of tines has been designed to ensure mixing and intensive cultivation even with long residues. The tine spacing is 285mm on rigid and 270mm/275mm on the folding versions; the tine position has been optimised to ensure a smooth flow and an optimum mixing of the soil. On Enduro Pro a maximum working depth of 35cm is possible (30cm on Enduro). The 320mm bolted wings, also available as Knock-on, completely cut the entire working width even when the machine is adjusted for shallow work. The high inter-row clearance of 750mm and the high underbeam clearance of 870mm ensure blockage-free operation under any conditions (maize, sunflower, wheat, oil seed rape stubbles or big intermediate crops). Advantages:
  • Full cutting system (FCS)
  • Perfect mixing and levelling
  • Low pulling force needed
  • Wide range of rollers
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Stone protection

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