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Merlo TF65.9 TCS-170-HF


The ability to adapt to different conditions of use combined with extreme versatility across a wide range of applications has always been the defining characteristic of the Turbofarmer range, both in agricultural applications and those in the construction and industrial fields. The new TF65.9 telehandler complements the high capacity range offered into the Agricultural and Waste re-handling market sectors. This new turbofarmer, developed to guarantee fast handling of large quantities of material, is used in the world of biogas, cereal farms, industry, landfill and recycling, sawmills, etc.

Product Information


The Merlo TF65.9 TCS-170-HF has a maximum capacity of 6,500kg and top lifting height of 8.8m. This range is equipped with a powerful FPT turbo diesel engine, 4.5 litres and 4 cylinders, from 125 kW to 170 hp, STAGE V compliant and equipped with DPF and SCR system. Eco Power Drive (EPD) that automatically control and adjust the engine revolutions based on operating conditions. As a result, the engine speed is disconnected from the accelerator pedal. This technology achieves a reduction in fuel consumption of 18%. This range comes as standard with the improved EPD TOP, offering the following modes: Heavy Loads, Eco and Speed Control.
    • Eco” mode optimises performance during light operations, reducing consumption;
    • Speed Control” mode allows you to set and maintain the driving speed in relation to joystick movements in order to increase hydraulic performance on demand;
    •  “Heavy Load” function, on the other hand, allows the machine’s full potential to be exploited in the most demanding contexts, delivering more power to the machine.
New HF Hydraulic System
The new hydraulic system, called HF  High Flow – features a variable displacement pump, capable of delivering a maximum flow rate of 160 l/min, combined with an electronically controlled distributor, mounted at the rear of the frame – Flow Sharing – which integrates new characteristics to benefit the machine versatility and ease of use. This means:
      • Descent by gravity: a new solution that drastically reduces machine consumption during working and pick and carry cycles.
      • Service oil continuous delivery: module integrated in the distributor to simplify implementation and adjustment during use, managing the oil flow rate at the hydraulic outlet precisely.
      • Automated “Set Point” movements: a new function that allows you to memorise the position of the boom and implement and automate the return to the memorised position simply by pressing a button
      • “Cartesian” automated movements: possibility of making movements that follow Cartesian directives (perfectly vertical movement of the load) with a single movement of the joystick
      • Floating movements: activation of the floating mode of the boom, thanks to which, once it is resting on the ground, it will be free to follow the ground movements. Ideal for working with cleaning brushes, snow blade, etc.
Cab Suspension
The TF65.9 comes with standard Cab Suspension. The exclusive patented and dampened CS with active hydropneumatic suspension, can be switched off directly by the operator. The low frequency system allows the drastic reduction of vibrations inside the passenger compartment and facilitates the absorption of the stress and vibrations transmitted during the transfer and work phases, even on rough grounds. The cab is also FOPS (level II) and ROPS certificated, ensuring the highest level of safety for the operator.
The TF65.9 is equipped with the new ASCS system (Adaptive Stability Control System) provided with a 10.1” colour screen: this allows to display the capacity diagram, updated in real time, according to the operating conditions (load handled, implement in use, stability index). This tool also allows:
    • setting and managing the geometric limits of machine use;
    • setting and adjusting the maximum speed of hydraulic movements
    • detecting and storing the amount of loads handled
Capacitive Electronic Joystick
The user interface is completed with the capacitive electronic joystick control with vertical handle. This solution allows operating in total safety and simplicity, activating the boom movements only by gripping the control with the hand.
Frame Levelling Control
The whole range can counts on the standard Frame Levelling Control that, integrated into the chassis, allows the operator to offset the ground slopes to work in total safety. On sloping terrain this machine can correct the lateral inclination by 8%, permitting the boom to be moved out perpendicularly to work in conditions of maximum efficiency and safety.
ZM3-type carriage
The carriage rotation kinematics has been redesigned to increase the drawing off force. As standard, this machine is equipped with the hydraulic implement clamping device. In addition, there is a double-acting hydraulic outlet on the nose. Boom Suspension, Tractor Approval, Pick Up Hitch, Hydraulic trailer braking, LED lights on cab and roof wiper as standard.
Key Features:
  • Engine: FPT 4.5 125kW/ 170hp
  • Transmission: Hydrostatic
  • Hydraulic system: Load Sensing + Flow Sharing 160 l/m 250 Bar
  • Capacitive Electronic Joystick
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