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OPICO 800QF Auto 18 Ton Gas Grain Dryer

18 ton approximate holding capacity 170 ton per day or 7.5 ton per hour throughput
  • Digital Controls
  • Quiet Fan (74Db)
  • Supplied as standard with 38″ custom built, in-line centrifugal fan (74 dba)
  • 8″ diameter loading auger (50 ton an hour loading capacity)
  • Full length 9ft 10″ (3m) loading hopper
  • 60 ton an hour 12″ diameter central auger
  • Centralised greaser location
  • LP Gas fired burner
  • Epoxy powder coated outside sheets
  • Adjustable jacks, 4 new tyres, grain sampler, grain cleaner, grain pressure splitter pelmet
  • Horizontal Hydraulic discharge. *Electric drive models available
  • Unique self diagnostic electronic Grain Guard controls
  • 3-phase electric drive

Product Information

OPICO 800QF Auto 18 Ton Gas Grain Dryer

The OPICO 800QF Auto 18 ton gas grain dryer is the latest in a long line of GT recirculating Batch Dryers from OPICO. It incorporates the traditional advantages of the recirculating batch dryers producing a clean uniformly dry sample whilst taking the GT range one step further in offering today's large scale farmer high capacity automated drying. The 800 Automatic has been developed by OPICO in conjunction with GT Manufacturing in the US as a natural extension to the 600 Automatic dryers which have been working in the UK since 1995. The 800 is able to load, dry, cool and unload completely automatically allowing unattended drying hour after hour. GT Dryers use Liquid Propane Gas fuel for drying heat. A tank or a group of bottles are needed to supply the dryer with liquid gas which is vaporised within the dryer and supplied to the burner ring. This provides a very clean, easily controllable and even heat which is cost effective and means that the burner requires minimal operator input and minimal servicing. When drying malting barley and milling crops many owners prefer Gas as a fuel for its guaranteed cleanliness and efficiency. Some of the major benefits you can expect from an OPICO GT portable batch dryer:
  • Easy installation
  • Minimal management required
  • Run on clean LP gas
  • Require minimal service
  • Full range of models available
  • Improved presentation of grain through the polishing effect of the recirculation
  • Improved hectolitre weight through cleaning action of the built in grain cleaner
  • Loading at ground level, discharge from the top
  • Grain is dried consistently throughout the batch
  • Maintain high resale values
Efficient Clean Drying
The gas is piped into the burner unit in liquid form and passes through a vaporising ring before being burnt in a ring burner, as liquid gas expands 100 times to become vapour this ensures high temperatures can be attained easily. As gas burns very cleanly, apart from long term servicing, little input is required by the operator.
Operator Guidance and Self Diagnostics (395QF, 595QF, 600QF, 795QF, 800QF Models ONLY)
Models with the Grain Guard fitted benefit from a menu system which guides the operator through setting his dryer up for a particular mode of operation and for specific crops with example temperatures preset into the controller. The Grain Guard also has a diagnostic function which controls the fail safes and will highlight the problem if there is one.
The outer screens on GT dryers are covered in an Epoxy coating to prevent corrosion and prolong the life of the dryer
Quiet for Sensitive Areas (QF Models ONLY)
QF Models use a large custom built centrifugal fan to create the airflow required to dry with, as the fan blades do not cut through the air aggressively this produces less noise resulting in a decibel rating of 74 and the ability to work 24 hours a day in noise sensitive areas.
Drying capacity (21-16%)* 7 t/hr
Holding capacity 18t (22.6m3)
Height - working position, standard head / Sky-Vac N/A
Height - working position, horizontal head / Sky-Vac 18’ (5.5m) / + 23” (580mm)
Height - transport with head removed 13’6” (4.1m)
Width 11’ (3.4m)
Length - working position 29’ (8.9m)
Length - transport position 20’5” (6.2m)
Weight - empty 6000 lbs (2722 kg)
Grain wall thickness 18” (457mm)
Vertical auger size 12” (305mm)
Loading auger size / Unloading auger size 8” (203mm)
Burner size - LP Gas 3,000,000 BTU/hr (879kW)
Fan type and size In-line Centrifugal ø 38” (965mm)
Fan Rating & Outlet-Static Pressure 17,200ft³/min @ 1.5”
(29,220m³/hr @ 3.74 Mbar)
Recirculating Time 60 t/hr 16-20min
Loading rate 50 t/hr 20min
Unloading rate 50 t/hr 20min
Electric power used (Optional) 42hp (53Amp) - 4 Motors
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