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Kubota DM4032S Disc Mower

Front mounted disc mower with actively driven swath former. This is the first front disc mower with an actively driven swath former, designed for both narrow swathing and wide spreading.

Product Information

With the option of 3 different swath widths (1.00, 1.15 and 1.30m) and wide spreading up to 2.20m, this machine offers exactly the flexibility that most farmers are looking for. Narrow swaths that will go well in-between the tractor wheels, or wide spreading for fast wilting of crop.
Changing between different swath widths is intuitively done in very little time– no tools required. The Advantages:
  • Unique and patented actively driven swathing auger system.
  • 3 different swath widths (1.00, 1.15, and 1.30m)
  • Easy and intuitive setting of swath widths
  • Low weight – low power consumption
  • Two speed gearbox 750/1000 rpm
  • Excellent ground adaptation range

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