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Kubota DSXL-W GEOSPREAD Spreaders

For High Speed Spreading. The DSXL-W GEOSPREAD is the high speed spreader in the Kubota spreader range.
The advantages:
  • No impact, so no fragmentation of fertiliser
  • Eight vanes per disc
  • Sections of only 1 metre that can be switched on and off in all directions (max. 45 sections, depending on the terminal functionality)
  • Accurate spreading in hilly conditions

Product Information


These Kubota DSXL-W GEOSPREAD spreaders have almost exactly the same specifications as the DSX-W GEOSPREAD, but with a newly designed RotaFlow spreading system for high accuracy at high driving speeds. The RotaFlow spreading system has eight high capacity vanes on each disc ensures a perfect overlap.

In combination with one metre sections, four load cells and a reference sensor, the Kubota DSXL-W GEOSPREAD can do high speed spreading under all circumstances. Besides the new high speeds spreading system the DSXL-W GEOSPREAD has also new features, like the category 3 / 4 mounting frame and the electrical hopper cover.

The spreading system for optimal results
  • Kubota fertiliser spreaders have one unique feature: the Kubota spreading system This initial smooth acceleration of the fertiliser prevents fragmentation of the granules due to the impact of the vanes. The adjustable discharge point allows adaptation of settings of the physical fertiliser properties. Due to the gentle handling of the fertiliser the spreading characteristics of the product are maintained. The Kubota spreading system is designed for the optimal spreading result!
  • No impact, no fragmentation, no dust Central release point, smooth acceleration and centrifugal force accelerates fertiliser up to disc speed before it reaches the vane.
  • FlowPilot: easy setting and adjustment The compact FlowPilot ‘dashboard’ gives you a considerably simplified accurate setting and adjustment of application rates. Two hydraulically operated metering plates, each with three discharge openings ensure an equal fertiliser flow from the hopper to the spreading discs.
  • High quality with high accuracy With the Kubota system, fertiliser is gently brought up to speed in the dosing cup, before it is released on the disc. This system is unique compared to most other spreading systems that have the fertiliser falling on the disc. Therefore, the Kubota system has some important advantages:
      1. No impact, so no fragmentation. Spreading pattern is not affected by damaged fertiliser.
      2. Eight vanes per disc instead of two vanes. With 8 vanes fertiliser is released on a high frequency for a very constant flow and even spreading pattern, which is especially important when driving higher speeds and spreading larger quantities.
      3. Accurate spreading in hilly conditions. An inclination of the spreader does not affect the release point of the fertiliser on the disc and from the vane.
Technical specifications
Hopper capacity (l) 1875 2550
Filling height (cm) 123 142
Width (cm) 290 290
Filling width (cm) 284 284
Empty weight (kg) 690 720
Spreading width (m) 24-45 24-45
Output (kg/min) 10-540 10-540
*Depending on fertiliser type and type of vanes

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