Kverneland AB and AD Mounted Conventional Ploughs

Strong and efficient with 2 – 6 Furrows available


Models Available:
– AB (Interbody clearance 85cm)
– AB (Interbody clearance 100cm)
– AD (Interbody clearance 85cm)
– AD (Interbody clearance 100cm)

For easy and efficient ploughing.

Conventional mounted ploughs equipped with stepless furrow width adjustment, manual or hydraulic. Increase your capacity by 30 % while saving 20% fuel!
Under difficult conditions one or more bodies can be locked in a parked position.
The plough can grow with the size of your tractor by adding 1 extra furrow.
Mechanical front furrow width adjustment is standard. However, a hydraulic cylinder is recommended for ploughing on side slopes to control the front furrow width “on the move”.

The advantages:

  • Kverneland steel and heat treatment technology for the complete plough
  • robust and reliable construction
  • auto-reset system for non stop ploughing
  • equipped with the Variomat/Vari-width® system, 30-50cm (12”-20”)
  • furrow width adjustment is mechanic for AB and hydraulic for AD from tractor seat
  • easy to operate
  • extendable by one furrow, 2 to max.5 furrow ploughs
  • AD can be extended to a 6th furrow




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