Kverneland EO – LO Mounted Reversible Plough

High performance on-land & In-furrow plough, with a choice of 4 – 7 furrows available.


Models Available:
– EO
– LO

High output and low maintenance costs 

Designed for In Furrow and On Land operations, the EO/LO are robust ploughs requiring lower lift requirements than other brands. The 300 heavy duty head stock provides the necessary strength for smooth reversing. The Kverneland unique steels and the heat treatment of the complete plough guarantee the longevity.

In its on-land configuration the plough’s massive offset (adjustable up to 3.4 – 3.7 m, depending on furrow width and interbody clearance) allows the tractor to be positioned exactly to the drivers’ requirements.


  • Simple conversion from In furrow to On land operations. The driver has fingertip control
  • Low lift requirements thanks to Kverneland steels and to the ingenious design
  • Easy and smooth turnover action thanks to an efficient parallel linkage system which hydraulically moves the plough into a balanced position
  • Ideal for tractors having dual wheels or rubber tracks
  • Increase output, save time, fuel and money with the Vari-width® for infinite hydraulic furrow width adjustments or manual adjustments in steps of 5cm (2″)
  • Unrivalled Kverneland Auto-reset system for non stop ploughing (no maintenance) for EO or shearbolt protection for LO
  • Wide range of accessories
  • All models can be extended by 1 furrow, max. 7 furrow plough




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