Kverneland Loader and Silage Wagons

Rotor loader wagons with 14, 17 or 21 tonnes capacity.


Models Available:
– 10040 RD
– 10040R
– 10045 RD
– 10045 R
– 10055 RD
– 10055 R

Kverneland 10040 R
The Kverneland 10040 R with a capacity of 40m³ offers maximum efficiency with a lower powered tractor and with a transport height of only 3.3m and a total weight of only 14 tonnes it is a very compact loader wagon. While the Kverneland 10040 R is physically smaller – it’s shorter and lower – than the higher capacity Kverneland 10045 R/10055 R models, it can be equipped with the same high-specification options.

Kverneland 10045 R
The Kverneland 10045 R has a capacity of 45m³ and a total weight of 17 tonnes. it provides efficient pick-up and high quality of cut silage. As the Kverneland 10040 R it is also designed for those with smaller, lower powered tractors.

Kverneland 10055 R
Providing a capacity of up to 55m³ and a total weight of 21 tonnes, 10055 R is a rotor loader wagon that brings titanic dimensions to forage harvesting. Offering a full level of standard specifications, the 10055 R is the machine of choice for contractors and machinery rings.

The Advantages:

  • Standard 2.0m Pick-up or optional large 2.3m PU
  • Pick-up without cam track for low wear and smooth operation.
  • High capacity V-Max intake with 800mm diameter rotor.
  • Special V-shaped rotor for even and fast crop transfer.
  • Pre-chopping system with 35 knives.
  • SuperStructure chamber made from strong C-profiled steel sections.
  • Chain-and-slat conveyor with split driveline and gearbox in the middle.
  • Heavy duty tandem axles with actively steered wheels.




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