Kverneland Optima SX Sowing Unit Precision Drill

Optima SX high speed sowing unit, up to 18km/h for utmost efficiency


The Optima SX high speed sowing unit ensures maximised performance and efficiency.

With accurate seed singulation, precise seed placement and higher working speeds of up to 18km/h, the Optima TFprofi seeder is up to 50% more efficient than the standard HD-II row. The sowing row can be combined with the Optima TFprofi and the multi-flexible, telescopic Optima V frames. All components are ready for high speeds

The Advantages:

  • Optimum depth control due to the heavy basic weight of the sowing unit with the possibility to add additional pressure (up to 100kg) onto each individual sowing unit via spring-loaded system.
  • Effective ground contour following due to the large depth control by open gauge wheels (⌀410mm, with 120mm)
  • Precise seed placement by the small coulter which forms a clean furrow. Good placement, and seed covering is done by the smooth flexible intermediate press wheel and multi-adjustable V-press wheel.




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