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Kverneland Optima TFprofi Precision Drill

Trailed frame – low pulling force with maximum output

Product Information

The Optima TFprofi presents the perfect combination of high performance and reduced tractor power requirement. The hydraulic folding trailed frame with eight sowing units comes together with a 2,000 litre fertiliser hopper. The Optima TFprofi is either equipped with a hydraulically or mechanically driven fan and can be operated even by a tractor of 80hp only. No lifting power is required. The fertiliser hopper can easily be filled with a front loader, big bags or as an option by filling auger. Different fertiliser coulters are available. As an option the fertiliser application can be driven electro-hydraulically. With the Optima TFprofi SX, the new optional central seed hopper of 870 litres capacity increases efficiency by additional volume and further minimizing the set-up time of the machine. The combination of the Optima with iXtra LiFe allows the application of liquid fertiliser during seeding. For more information, please see iXtra LiFe. The Advantages:
  • Compact and clear design
  • Low power requirement
  • High performance up to 5ha/per hour
  • Well-proven seeding unit with a large choice of tooling
  • Convenient coupling and great manoeuvrability
  • Compact and fast on the road

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