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Kverneland SelfLine 4.0 System 1000+ Feeder

Hopper capacities from 25m³ to 32 m³.

Product Information

Models Available: - System 1000+ 3225-25 - System 1000+ 3225-29 - System 1000+ 3225-32 The Kvenreland Siloking SelfLine 4.0 System 1000+ models impress with high manoeuvrability, capacity and performance and have been designed for farms with 1,000 cows and more. Thanks to the 3-axle chassis, the self-propelled feed mixer can be loaded with up to 12 tonnes – and the load on the chassis, the tires and the driving surfaces is reduced. In addition, the active steering of the front and rear axles offers an enormous manoeuvrability. The mixing hopper has a capacity of 32 m³, 29m³ or 25 m³ and 3 or 2 turbo augers. And the XXL self-propelled mixes very quickly and homogeneously.

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