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Kverneland SelfLine 4.0 System 500+ Feeder

Hopper capacities from 19m³ to 27m³.

Product Information

Models Available: - System 500+ 2519-19 19 - System 500+ 2519-22 22 - System 500+ 2519-25 25 - System 500+ 2519-27 Dairy farms with several locations, feeding communities and agricultural contractors are all expecting the same things from a self-propelled feed mixer. It both needs to be fast on the road and convince you in confined farmyard spaces. Fast and extremely maneuverable, this modern self-propelled feed mixer impresses in all conditions. With an overall height of less than 3 meters, even low barn passages are no obstacle. At the same time, collecting heights of 5.0 or 5.5 meters mean that the SelfLine 4.0 System 500+ 2519 also features impressive reach. Thanks to 4-wheel steering, it also copes easily with rough terrain and paved surfaces. The machine features large tires and is very manoeuvrable, thanks to the two steered axles. The machine is available in 3 speed versions (25/40/50 km/h).

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