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Kverneland EG – LB Mounted Reversible Plough

Save Time, Fuel and Money, choose from 3 – 6 furrows.

Product Information

Models Available: - EG (Interbody clearance 85cm) - EG (Interbody clearance 100cm) - EG (Interbody clearance 85/100cm) - EG (Interbody clearance 115cm) - LB (Interbody clearance 85/100cm) - LB (Interbody clearance 115cm) - LB (Interbody clearance 85/100cm) Highly efficient ploughs for medium to heavy soils Unique Kverneland steels and heat treatments for the complete plough ensure trouble free working conditions and the highest market second hand value for Kverneland ploughs. Robust ploughs, lighter than competitors'. The EG/LB ploughs are available as a standard 3-4 furrow version with a 100 X 200 mm main frame. The heavy duty 4-6 furrow version features a 120 X 200 mm main frame, a reinforced front section and the 300 series headstock. Advantages :
  • Unrivalled Kverneland Auto-reset system, no maintenance for EG. Shearbolt protection for LB
  • Variomat, Vari-Width® system for easy On the Move working width adjustments, and efficient and better ploughing performances
  • Optional automatic front furrow adjustment. Mechanical front furrow adjustment is standard
  • Unique memory system that maintain desired furrow width setting after the reversing cycle
  • Packomat compatible
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Extendable by 1 furrow from 3 to max. 6 furrow plough

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