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Kverneland H Series Power Harrow

The H series is the robust medium-sized power harrow for effective operation in most conditions.

Product Information

By using a double bending sandwich section for the trough, it has been possible to increase its strength, making the H Series power harrow self-supporting without increasing the weight whilst keeping a clean and tidy design. Main features like the rotor distance of 25cm, the double conical bearing, heavy-duty headstock and the modular tine carrier have been considered too. Two profiled 6mm plates ensuring precise rotor spacing, high bending resistance of the 140 x 400mm trough. Tine shaft of 50mm with two large conical bearings, Ø 45mm and Ø 50mm with a distance of 55mm and 40mm gears and an ample clearance of 95mm between the trough bottom and the tine holder ensure good soil flow and allow surface residues to pass easily through the machine. The Advantages:
  • High reliability; horizontal transmission self-supporting frame for increased strength and weight reduction
  • Improved centre of gravity for reduced lifting capacity
  • Unique features – the H-series, like all Kverneland power harrows, works with 4 rotors per metre of trough
  • Max. versatility – easy and simple combination with all types of seed drills (integrated or via triangle)
  • Optimum performance and low power consumption is achieved by the closer inter-tine carrier distance (25cm) and helical tine drive layout
  • New tooth packer design with reduced weight (-60 kg on 3m) with maintenance-free bearings

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