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Kubota DM4000 Disc Mowers

Outstanding ground following ability, easy operation and low weight are among the highlights of this machine. The Advantages:
  • 2.8-3.2 m working width.
  • NonStop BreakAway Solution
  • Flexible swath width
  • 540/1000 rpm gearbox
  • Excellent ground adaptation
  • Fully welded Kubota cutterbar with triangular discs.

Product Information


The Kubota DM4000 disc mowers are characterized by excellent cutting performance and ground following ability in all terrain. The design does not require a flexible front linkage, as the movement is built into the machine. Eight counter-rotating discs ensure that cutting quality remains outstanding, encouraging rapid regrowth from clean stubbles. This is the perfect machine for daily grazing in combination with a loader wagon, joined up with a rear mounted machine, or as part of a butterfly combination.
Built for any terrain
With a working width of 2.8-3.2m and an operating weight of only 670-710kg, DM4028 and DM4032 require as little as 45 hp to operate. Run in a combination with a 4.0m on the rear, would give you a mowing combination capable of effortlessly handling up to 6.8m crop.
Responsive mowing
The very responsive kinematics associated with the headstock design will step in when encountering even the smallest obstacles during operation. To offer maximum protection and lessen the shock loads on the complete machine, the cutterbar will move backwards and up, letting any obstacle pass without risk of damage.
Excellent serviceability
DM4000 series has outstanding service access to the cutterbar, which is an advantage compared to most other machines with a flexible suspension. Even when the machine is raised, you can open the entire front cover.
Two-speed driveline
Standard PTO speed is 1000 rpm. However by simply switching driveline pulleys, 750 rpm for reduced fuel consumption can be achieved. This makes it possible to maintain the correct PTO speed, but using reduced engine revs, creating an opportunity for lower fuel consumption. An innovative solution solving the problem of front PTO systems not offering an economy speed.
Key Features:
  • 2.8-3.2m working width.
  • BreakAway solution.
  • Flexible swath width.
  • 750/1000 rpm gearbox.
  • Excellent ground adaptation.
  • Fully welded Kubota cutterbar with triangular discs.
Technical specifications
Working Width Weight Power Req.
DM4028  2.80m  670kg 37/50 kW/hp
DM4032  3.20m  691kg 40/55 kW/hp
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